OTT Video Consumption Continues to Grow!

Over The Top (OTT) Video is no longer just a wishful idea but a new revenue stream using your existing video inventory. Your audience has already moved to OTT and with cord cutting on the rise, you need an OTT strategy. We are the only vendor with monetization solutions on ALL OTT platforms.

New Revenue Stream | Use Existing Video Inventory

WHIZ Advantages

  • Additional Revenue Stream from OTT
  • Audience Moving Toward OTT
  • Additional "Channel" to Distribute Existing & New Content
  • Consumption of Content Directly on Large TV Screens
  • Audience Living Outside your DMA Can Access Content
  • Newsroom Workflow Unchanged
  • Apps Integrate with CMS
  • New Linear Video Channel
  • Video On Demand library
  • Dynamic Ad Placement Pre-roll, Mid-roll & Post-roll
  • Closed Captioning
  • Complete Audience Analytics
  • Multiple Video File Format Compatibility
  • Complete Life Cycle Support